Bubbles 101...

There are really only two bubble lessons, outside of the dip and blow rule.

Lesson one...don't put your lips on the wand.

This is an important one to remember.

Lesson two...beware the bubble shark.
He is insane.

I've been couch bound all week after some nasty vein surgery.
These meyer lemon bars made me smile.

Until they were gone.


Reifyn said...

The bubble shark was quite terrifying! I didn't see the whole picture at first as I hadn't scrolled that far & only saw the teeth snapping up the bubbles.
Hope you are back on your feet very soon.

The Blue Farmhouse said...

I've experienced lesson 101...mouth touches the wand...not a good taste but I bet those lemon treats were yummy. I love lemon [just about anything]. I also hope you recuperate quickly. So I'm sending my love, thoughts and well wishes your way!


Lana said...

Those DO look YUMMY! Sorry to hear you have been couch bound, and hope all is well or getting better...
Your girls is so lovely.

donna baker said...

All good...except the surgery part. I had a dog that liked to bite the bubbles too. My weenies are too lazy.

Vintage Home said...

ouch...glad you have the best family to get you threw this recuperating time!...and yummy lemon bars!

Lee said...

I want to make them now. Omgosh It's just not the same eating them when it's 29 degreees outside. It feels like a tease. Hee hee